What do we work on in KKJP research and what do we offer?
Our focus is on the areas of attention and LRS research. We are concerned with the question of how children and adolescents with ADHD learn and how they can be supported when problems arise. Quality of life, psycho-oncology and multi-family therapy are further research topics on which we work and for which further information is available.
We offer the possibility to participate in studies in the area of the above mentioned research foci.
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How do I become a test person? Who can participate?

First of all, anyone who wants to participate in experiments on the topic of attention etc. can do so. We are not only looking for ADHD patients, because we want to enable the comparison with adolescents and children of the same age without learning difficulties or concentration problems.

Registration is done through our secretary. You can contact Kerstin Scheunemann by phone at 0391-6717000, by email or by using our contact form.

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How does the participation in the experiments work?

First of all, an appointment is made for general diagnostics. Children who take medication are given two appointments for this. This is because we need the results of certain tests without the influence of medication.

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What happens in diagnostics?

Diagnostics include general tests for attention and concentration as well as an intelligence test. In addition, an "interview" is conducted with the parents as well as with young people from the age of 11.  After the diagnosis, you will be informed about possible participation in the study.

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Do I get the results of the diagnostics?

In principle, all parents and participating children and adolescents have the opportunity to come to an evaluation meeting. During this interview, your child's test data will be discussed with you.

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What happens if I no longer want to participate?

Participation in all our studies is completely voluntary and may be terminated at any time.

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Will my participation in the studies be remunerated?

Yes, our experiments are compensated. Since the participants in our studies are under 18 years of age, the remuneration is paid by means of vouchers (Allee Center or Müller, at least 5 Euros per hour or part thereof), depending on the complexity of the experiment.

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What happens with my data?

All data is stored completely anonymously and cannot be associated with the name of the test persons.

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How long does an experiment last?

Our experiments usually last between 30 minutes and a maximum of 2 hours. You will be informed about the duration of the experiment in advance

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Are there any risks or side effects with the experiments?

Most of our experiments are non-invasive and do not lead to any side effects. You will always be informed about possible risks in advance and have the right to cancel or stop the experiment at any time

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When are dates offered for diagnostics or experiments?

Diagnostic appointments are usually made during the week. We offer appointments in the afternoon so that your child does not miss any school time. For the experiments, there is also the possibility of weekend appointments. Basically, the allocation of appointments depends on you.

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Are travel expenses reimbursed?

If you come from Magdeburg, you will receive compensation for any local transport tickets.
If you are coming from within the Magdeburg area, you will be reimbursed based on the number of kilometers covered.

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